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carine_tei profile picture carine_tei   
I am learning french, can teach Cantonese if you teach me french. I am looking for a girl for language exchange. I am female. 30 years old.
    April 2018
rinatgs profile picture rinatgs   
I want to learn cantonese so badly.
Everyone in my job speak in Cantonese and i am there watching them like a potato
    August 2016
  • malmal profile picture malmal   
    my fd who is come from UK, also facing the same problem as you
      January 2017
efilo profile picture efilo   
so guys somebody needs to talk about the place that we can meet
    December 2016
ALinguaWish profile picture ALinguaWish   

Hey, is anyone interested in having some kind of meet-up?

    November 2010
  • leonasun profile picture leonasun   
    sure, why not, lets have a meetup!
      February 2012
SaidYamani profile picture SaidYamani   
Je parle francais. I speark a littel english.i searches girl or man who bit assist me hear english, russia or mandarin and help you assist in french.
    May 2013
mazydaisy profile picture mazydaisy   
hi! I'm a local Hongkonger. I know Cantonese, Mandarin and English. I want to speak more using Mandarin and English. Recently I am self-studying Esperanto and I would probably start French later If you are studying or good at any of the above languages, welcome to contact me for language and cultural exchange.
    September 2012