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  • ElinaE profile picture ElinaEJuly 2012
    heya, or come to polyglot tonight if you're looking for interesting people and talks!
ElinaE profile picture ElinaEJune 2012
Hello everyone,

there are two events planned for this weekend! The first is tomorrow, we're meeting in Tiergarten at 4pm for an international or just fun and interactive picnic meeting!

If you type this into Google Maps, you'll find the location: 52.514889,13.376412

Bring whatever you like, come with your friends and be in a good mood

Sunday at 8pm we'll meet at the Café am Neuen See to watch the football game.

Everyone is invited to join!
See you
vincent profile picture vincentJune 2012

Long life to POLYGLOT CLUB BERLIN laugh

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