• Pulsans profile picture Pulsans   
    Is it you who initiated this happening?
      July 2015
ElinaE profile picture ElinaE   
It is every Tuesday! So join us whenever you're in Berlin!
The adress can be found above (Kant Café, Kantstr.135)

See you tomorrow!
    February 2015
madhu11 profile picture madhu11   
Hi , does the meetings still happen?
    January 2015
ClaraBrandt profile picture ClaraBrandt   
I just arrived few weeks ago in Berlin and I want to now if this meeting is still working every week... If the answer is yes, I really would like to know where and when ? Thank you in advance !
    December 2014
mayline974 profile picture mayline974   
It is on 15 or 12th?
    August 2014
vincent profile picture vincent   
thanks for proposal
    January 2014
  • ElinaE profile picture ElinaE   
    you're welcome!
      January 2014
vincent profile picture vincent   
great !!
    July 2013