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drd profile picture drdMay 2012
And BTW, sorry for the broken formatting: didn't expect the engine to remove the whitelines.
drd profile picture drdMay 2012
Hi guys,

1. Looking for a tandem partner in order to learn Estonian (face to face, Tallinn centre, once or twice a week). In exchange I would be glad to help you with either Russian or English (or both).

2. Normally, my interests lie somewhere in the area of natural science (amateur level) and computer science (professional), but I am pretty open to any topics.

3. A word of caution: this is my first attempt at tandem learning => I don't have any idea how things will play out. Don't have your hopes high!

The text above is actually a quote from my profile. So if anyone is interested in trying out tandem learning - get in touch.
Julious profile picture JuliousMay 2012
Hi, I would like to learn English. Someone could help me?
ELIZA8 profile picture ELIZA8November 2011

Hi, I would like to learn Estonian. Someone could help me?

Kalev profile picture KalevDecember 2010


A budapesti Polyglotclub kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket és boldog új esztendőt kíván!

Rõõmsaid Jõulupühi! Häid jõule ja head uut aastat! Polyglotclub Budapest


Kalev profile picture KalevJanuary 2010

Armsad eestlased ja eesti keele sõbrad, olge head ja aidake Polüglott kodulehe eesti keelde tõlkimisel!

Eesti keel juba  on 32%

Tervitustega Kalev

Eleane, Vaino, suzzzie , Polyglott  , sirly40, gretatt  ja Anna1985 suur tänu abi eest.

Te olete tublid.

See on väga hea tõlkemeeskond

It is good translation team. Thanks

Kalev profile picture KalevAugust 2009

Armsad Eestlased!!!

Palun üles laadime piltid Polyglotkodulehekülge.

Tervitustega Kalev