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you always a Tico say these  words, means a lot, Great. awsome, fantastic, and other things you need to come here and find it...

enjoy the group and learn spanish with us

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DiegoSan profile picture DiegoSan   
somebody speak japanese hel me please
    May 2016
  • YoBlackBlack profile picture YoBlackBlack   
    Hello. = ¡Hola! = こんにちは.

    Good morning. = Buenos días. = おはようございます.

    Nice to meet you. = Mucho gusto en conocerte. = はじめましてどうぞよろしくおねがいします.

    I do not have a native Spanish language friend for a language exchange. = No tengo un amigo nativo en español para un intercambio de idiomas.

    Do you have an American-English language friend for a language exchange? = ¿Tienes un amigo en inglés americano para un intercambio de idiomas?

    Thank you very much. = Muchas gracias. = どもうありがとうありがとうございます.

    Sincerely, Mister Yo. = Sinceramente, Señor Yo.
      March 2019
Nicsevilla profile picture Nicsevilla   
    May 2017
tofujr2 profile picture tofujr2   
Hi! I'm new here! I'm a native English speaker learning Spanish located in Costa Rica. I'm here to meet language enthusiasts, share knowledge, and to explore! =]
    August 2012
  • johnnypartner profile picture johnnypartner   
    hi anybody from usa to teash you spanish el español es muy facil si no estudias gramatica yo te enseño if you teach me english haft and a haft
      April 2017
  • chepe62 profile picture chepe62   
    Reply to this comment...
      November 2012
  • chepe62 profile picture chepe62   
    Hi Marie, how are you? yes I am here in Costa Rica
      November 2012
  • feliches profile picture feliches   
    please talk me
      August 2012
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