Yes, the first Polyglot Meeting in Shanghai

आयोजन का वर्णन

  • Date: Jan 13, 2008
  • Samay: 10:30
  • Address: Address visible for attendees

please register here to participate :-)

Yes, we will have the first ever Polyglot Meeting in Shanghai! Isn't it great?

For your convenience, this meeting will be near People Square which is the center district of Shanghai, with Metro line 1,2 and many bus lines, really easy to come.

And I choose the Starbucks near People Park which is said to be the most beautiful Starbucks in Shanghai, and they have outdoor seats (but maybe it's too cold, haha), anyway, we can still enjoy the beautiful view of People Park in this store.

Why 10:30am on Sunday? Guess you guys are just tired during work day, and just want to rush back after work. So after one day rest, you will have emotion to come for this meeting. And you may have some appointments with friends, so I don't want to trouble you with this, 2 hours chat in the morning and then go for the appointment with your girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever,

Just be careful: Please don't get up too late, I know you want to have a good sleep in the weekend, but come on, guys, come to have fun in Polyglot.

Rules: 1. We accept any language in the meeting, English, French, Chinese or even  the dialect from your town,  learning language is fun.

                          2. Don't be shy, I don't want it to be a silent meeting, just speak out no matter what level of your language, we come here for    improving.

                        3. Please don' t talk too much about your business, come on, it's weekend, let's relax!

                        4. This is not a place for dating, only for practising language and making friends, so please respect this!

Ok, come to register for this meeting,   I'm looking forward to you guys coming, for any issue, just feel free to contact me

msn: wuying508wuying508 profile picture

phone: 15900598120 

(I'm also looking for someone who wants to help me  in organizing meeting and spreading news.)

Sean Jiang


  check the map for this shop

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Eddy99 profile picture Eddy99February 2008
Eddy99 profile picture Eddy99February 2008

just checking.

vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2008
I'm glad that the Shanghai network is starting that good !!

long life to your section

wuying508 profile picture wuying508January 2008

Really great time today, I feel so glad to see so many nice people in the meeting.

It was really cold and raining today, we still got 20 people came to the meeting, and I was also glad to see the multiple language that were spoken during the meeting (English, French, Spanish, Japannese). Lol, what a start!

Thank you, all guys who came to the meeting, for your support to Polyglot.

The lunch may not be perfect for some people, sorry for that, nex time, I will be careful about this.

vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2008
Whaoo Jiang,

I see that your meeting is getting huge : you will tell me your secret
wuying508 profile picture wuying508January 2008

See you guys on Sunday! Hope this map will help you find the place easily.

As asked by some people, when you arrive, just come inside Starbucks, you will easily find us.

apple200801 profile picture apple200801January 2008

fantastic news~~ i cant wait but its the day after tmw, great , see you guys  be there or  be square!!

wuying508 profile picture wuying508January 2008
Sorry, I forget to remind you of the transportation.

If you come by subway, get off at People Square ( line 1, 2), not West Nanjing, be careful about this.