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A clear China map with all main large cities, rivers and neighbour countries


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  • Rose1120 profile picture Rose1120   
    你好,李涛, 我是Rose, 我在中国西安,一个历史文化古城,非常高兴认识你,你的中文已经很棒了,真为你感到骄傲!
      December 2013
  • ClaireLiu profile picture ClaireLiu   
    Hi~I am 刘捷,I am a Chinese exchange student in Sweden. My hometown is Jiangsu.
      November 2013
  • sabrinaliao profile picture sabrinaliao   
    Hi Li Tao, My name is Sabrina. I am interested in learning English. I am a girl, live in Shenzhen. We can exchange our language. Of course, my native language is
      October 2013
  • ymt profile picture ymt   
    Hello,i'm a Chinese,my name is Nicole,i'm interested in English.I hope you can help me ,sure,at the same time ,i will help you in Chinese.
      October 2013
  • Cullen profile picture Cullen   
    I am 15 chinese boy,want learn English,
      October 2013
  • ellydu profile picture ellydu   
    hi,Mr li,i'd like to learn English
      October 2013
ergotelitis profile picture ergotelitis   
你们好。我是希腊人,学 汉语 ,我 关心 找到中国人说说。很好说俄语和 拨拉语。明年想来到中 学习。
    December 2013