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douglas_br profile picture douglas_brApril 2017
Hello people!
I want to learn Feench ,German at this moment, If you want to learn Brazilain portuguese, Spanish ans english, I ican with pleasure help you with questions and doubts.Let's be friend, add me to yout friends list.See you.Até logo,Hasta luego, Á bientôt,bist spätter!!!!
Brito profile picture BritoMarch 2017
eduardo-albacete profile picture eduardo-albaceteSeptember 2012
kabrasile profile picture kabrasileOctober 2012
ciao tutti !
JoaoJoan profile picture JoaoJoanNovember 2012
Hello everybody. I want to learn japanese, I can give the favour to teach you Portuguese.
JoaoJoan profile picture JoaoJoanNovember 2012
LUCASWESLEY profile picture LUCASWESLEYNovember 2012
Hello people , I would like to improve my English and I can help you learn Portuguese (Brazil)
biano profile picture bianoNovember 2012
what's up guys! is there anyone here in the mood to have a talk?