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ברוך הבא לרשת Bahrain של Polyglot!


Dear all from Bahrain,

I would like to welcome you all to our page on polyglot where we all are going to share and learn our preferred languages.

This are easily going on from this website to get people together to practice, share, learn and teach different languages.

Should any of you would like to arrange for any event or any creative idea, please don't hesitate to start sharing it.


If you are interested in suggesting any event do please contact me as I will be working on some more activities soon.

Good luck all



Powerlifter profile picture PowerlifterJune 2016
I'm ready to teach any body the Arabic language
black97devil profile picture black97devilSeptember 2013
good job
asfoory profile picture asfooryMay 2013
greetings to everyone, here I would like to announce that we will be more effective and organizing some activities for the Polyglot members so please keep in touch and bring up your suggestions
vincent profile picture vincentDecember 2012
Create Event (Bahrain)


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