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Welcome to Azerbaijan Polyglot Network!

Welcome to Polyglot Azerbaijan Network!

POLYGLOT enables you to find the right person to exchange languages with you. You will find penpals according to age, gender, location, hobbies ... Polyglot is fully customizable. You will choose your own icons, styles or post your own Polyglot translations. As a result, more people speaking your language will become members

You are Welcome to Polyglot Azerbaijan Network!


alirostami385 profile picture alirostami385February 2018
Tural_M profile picture Tural_MNovember 2013
Hi everyone
polyglotniko profile picture polyglotnikoJuly 2016
salamlar ve her kese ugurlar
cennet2 profile picture cennet2June 2013
Azerbaycani cok seviosunuz
Y_Yusif profile picture Y_YusifSeptember 2012
cox gozel saytdi. inshaAllah laziminca yararlanariq. hamiya ugurlar
gulush profile picture gulushDecember 2012
Salamlar uğur olsun hamıya
Muhammetomer profile picture MuhammetomerNovember 2012
Merhaba;ben Türküm ve Azeri bir KIZ arkadaş arıyorum 16 yaşındayım
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