FREE Language exchange! Learn a new language! :-)

Please note, this is a free event and your booking is required. To book, please RSVP to this event and comment "I'm going" in the discussion section, along with the language you can teach (for instance (#teachSpanish) and the language you are learning (#learnFrench).

Every week over 250+ people from 23+ different countries meet at Fluent Fast to practice a new language and make new friends over a drink! Fluent Fast runs from 6pm to 10pm has an incredible community vibe and is a place that welcomes new people as much as possible!

The event is free, a fun way to meet people and a great way to pickup a new language ;-)

We also have a Facebook group called “Language Exchange Partners Melbourne!” that people are always joining and meeting language exchange partners. You can find this group at the URL below:

Language Exchange partners Melbourne![masked]

Watch the Fluent Fast Explainer video on how the Language Exchange works:

Happy hour / cheap drinks from 6pm - 7pm. ARRIVE EARLY!


You can simply come to the language exchange, grab a drink and meet people to practice a new language with however we suggest clicking on the "members" tab in this group and looking for someone that natively speaks the language you want to learn! Then simply message them and ask if they're interested to meetup at the next language exchange meetup! This is a great way of finding someone to practice with.

You can also meet a language partner via our facebook group here:

===== THE BEER RULE: A beer for a language! =====
If you want to practice French (for instance) but you can't find a speaker that wants to learn your native language, then you can invoke the "Beer Rule". This rule is that you can buy a native speaker (in this case French) a beer (or some such drink) in exchange for a lesson. When the beer is finished, then the class is over! :-) But for fairness, let's say that a pot of beer = 15 minutes of language practice. (pots of beer are quite cheap)

Once your language partner has finished their beer (15 minutes), then you can offer another beer for another 15 minutes of language practice.

The beer rule is a great way to break the ice with someone you've just met and the generosity of buying someone a drink is a great way to start a new friendship!

===== FORMAT =====
When you arrive, you receive a flag with your nationality and a flag for the language you want to learn. Then simply look for someone with the opposite!

=====MISSION =====
Our mission is to share language, share cultures and help people make friends through free language exchange... and have fun while doing it!

===== New To Melbourne! =====
This event is organised by New To Melbourne (New), we run a bunch of other fun and affordable social activities and events for people between 18-35. Subscribe to our events page to get a notification about our upcoming events! Link below:

Hope to see you there!