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Welcome to Victoria Polyglot Network!

Hi Victoria Network!

I am waiting messages from everyone who would like to meet and having fun in the city! I don't know how many people active here. I haven't met anyone yet and I think it is the time! I am waiting for your messages.


DannyHuntley profile picture DannyHuntleyJuly 2016
Hello looking to learn Russian through Skype, can help with English!
hurley profile picture hurleyMay 2016
hello everybody, i wanna improve my english if anybody can help me i will be pleased thak you...
JRafaah profile picture JRafaahDecember 2013
Hi, how are you? I'm brazilian, I would like to go to Australia, but I have a bad English. Could you help me?
Electrix profile picture ElectrixJuly 2012
Hello, how are you ?
Are you ok to speak with me ?
I know my level in english is sooo baaad,
but that's why i'm here ^^
chiara_supertramp profile picture chiara_supertrampFebruary 2013
Hey guys! I'm coming to Melbourne in october for one year and I'd like to get to know a few people there. Feel free to send me a message
Cedric35000 profile picture Cedric35000February 2013
I'm french, and my dream is come in australia, and live in melbourne or brisbane !
ailamvn profile picture ailamvnOctober 2012
that is r welcome^^