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Welcome to Queensland Polyglot Network!

I wish to welcome new members who have an interest in multi-lingual activities.

I will welcome proposals for member meetings where particular languages are spoken

Meeting suggestions can be made by means of messages to me at this site

I can also be contacted at Rodrigo53Rodrigo53 profile picture



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Florie-AnneMarc profile picture Florie-AnneMarcDecember 2013
Hi! I'm Belgian and I speak french. I'm looking for Australian to speak english with me! bizzzz!
Rodrigo53 profile picture Rodrigo53April 2016
I welcome all speakers of French, German, Italian and Spanish to weekly conversation events on the Gold Coast 80 km south of Brisbane. Please let me know if you will be in the area!
Rodrigo53Rodrigo53 profile picture
Schoki1000 profile picture Schoki1000June 2013
I will come to Cairns in 1 year yessss!
Zap profile picture ZapJanuary 2013
Hi, I'm looking for Americans, British or Australian friends to write to. I'm Italian and speak Italian, English, Spanish and a little French. I love making new friends and I love to talk with other people, especially if they're not Italian!
  • pepelepew profile picture pepelepewJanuary 2013
    Hi Zap! I am Indonesian, been living in Brisbane for almost 6 years and speak English on daily basis. I see that you can speak many language, that's awesome. Do you mind talking to someone who is not Australian but can speak good English? I am keen to learn Spanish/French/Italian. Cheers.

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