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  • mogsta profile picture mogsta   
    Did you figure it out Rebecca? How are you learning Russian? And what are your reasons? I'm learning Russian too through Macquarie Uni.
      August 2012
Aarnikotka profile picture Aarnikotka   
Hi everyone! I'm Aarni from the Blue Mountains, and I am learning Finnish and German. anyone who would be able to talk with me in these languages I would love to hear from.
    April 2012
userpmh profile picture userpmh   
Hello, I am Hai. I am from Vietnam and i can teach Vietnamese. I are practising English ! Skype user: userpmh
    February 2012
  • Sandra080894 profile picture Sandra080894   
    Hello! My name is Sandra. I am from Moscow!
      March 2012
skyblue38 profile picture skyblue38   
Hello Yana
Michael from sydney
skyblue38skyblue38 profile picture
    December 2011
  • Sandra080894 profile picture Sandra080894   
    Hello! My name is Sandra. I am from Moscow!
      March 2012
YS711 profile picture YS711   

Hi! My name is Yana. I want to find friends to communicate and improve the colloquial English.   

    May 2011
neil_nachum profile picture neil_nachum   

When I was a teenager living in New York City I met the Australian Ambassador to the United Naition, Ralph Harry (3 years in the late 1970s'). He was a life long advocate (as somebody who learned to fluency French and German) that everybody needs to be literate in two languages. In the United States we are consistently monolingual. Isn't that true in most English speaking countries, not counting immigrants, which might be 10 percent of the population? So he proposed that people learn the easy second language Esperanto. He cofounded an office across the street from the United Nations and Esperanto, five times easier than English or French (to speak, read and write)  is in a revival with the advent of the computer. Several thousand Esperanto speakers are active on Facebook and Ipernity social networking sites. Thousands more meet annually at several large conferences (Universala Kongreso) attracting people from 70 countries. Ralph Harry and I are certain that it is easier to become trilingual by learning Esperanto first and then a language like Spanish, French or Portuguese  or even Hebrew, very different than European languages. You will find langauge lovers within the Esperanto community and we generally speak 3 or 4 languages. Self-study is free  at  Sincerely Neil Blonstein, New York

    May 2011