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Bgirl-tiatia profile picture Bgirl-tiatia   

Hello I'm a French girl and I love Australia. I really want to find an Australian corresponding. Help me please !

    March 2010
palma profile picture palma   

Hi everybody!

i'm a french girl and i love australia.

i would like to discover your country and mainly sydney!

i'm looking for a flat to spend my holydays during three weeks between june and july 2010.


this is my email ad: palmapalma profile picture

please contact me.

see ya!

    February 2010
vincent profile picture vincent   

Hi Prince2001, you can create a new meeting !

    December 2009
vincent profile picture vincent   

  Hi  lilou2024

Please create a new event 


best regards,

    November 2009
lilou2024 profile picture lilou2024   


      I'd like to organize a party in Sydney in December 2009. Are you interested?



    November 2009
Alex101i profile picture Alex101i   
Hey Everyone,

My name's Alex ( if you hadnt noticed) and I've just come back to polyglot after a while away. I've noticed that the site has been dying off to some degree. We've had no meetings in Sydney since 2007? And from what I've read they were hardly a hit...anyway I'm just posting this to see if anyone is still around and see where we can go from there. Im yearning to learn some french and i'm not the oldest person around here but if youre interested in having a talk about the whole thing, feel free to send me an email
    July 2008
Pauuuline profile picture Pauuuline   
Hi !

I would like to organize a french/English or Spanish meeting in Sydney in July, someone is interested ? I just arrived here so I don't know where it could be...

A bientôt ! Hasta luego ! Bye !

    July 2008