First Polyglot Club Meeting in Sydney !

Hi Polyglot People!

Let's meet next Tuesday the 15th to start the BRAND NEW Polyglot Club Sydney !
Rendez-vous at the Hotel Sweeney's, on the rooftop from 7pm to .... we'll see how things are going!

Don't hesitate to come and see, bring friends, sit down at any Polyglot table and start having a conversation even if you can only say "Ola"/"Guten Abend"/"Salut" !

Hope you know how to say "Cheers" in every languages because you'll get $3 beer and $3 wine there !!

Can't wait to meet you all,
see you really soon


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francedut profile picture francedutFebruary 2011

  Hi guys!


First meeting was a nice start I reckon! we were about 15 and had a really good time together!

The rooftop of the Hotel Sweeney's is definitly a perfect palce to do that in Sydney!

I'm sorry for the late notcie of the meeting...but ..guess what, I'm gonna do that again: next meeting is NEXT TUESDAY, the 1st of March!

was really busy theses last weeks so didn't have much time to organise. let's do it ayway!!


new event has been created, confirn your participation amd see you there!


Polyglot Club Sydney


vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2011

  Hey !

How was the meeting ?? 

skyblue38 profile picture skyblue38February 2011


Yes it is good to have Sydney Meeting frequently

I did basic Russian at Sydney Uni in 2006 and would like find more local contacts to teach me fluently




cibetka profile picture cibetkaFebruary 2011

It shame, I would like to come so much, but I just got this message and I ve already got tickets to the cinema. So, when will be the next meeting, please?

Mezz profile picture MezzFebruary 2011

  Oh no! I only got the info just now! Late notice, would have loved to come... Have fun everyone!!!

Prince2001 profile picture Prince2001February 2011


Thank you for organizing this meeting I think it will be a very rich experience  to all involved   

see you all there