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Kostya1997 profile picture Kostya1997   
Hello!I live in Russia.I am looking for to meet people from Australia,write me
    March 2014
EStarr96 profile picture EStarr96   
Hi! I'm Kasia and I live in Poland. I want to speak in English fluently but nowadays my English isn't the best. If you want to meet a happy and sociable person, write to me!
    February 2014
melanye19 profile picture melanye19   
Hello my name is Melanye and Im 27. Im looking to meet people from Australia to learn more about your lifestyle and culture for a school paper. If your interested feel free to contact me! Thankyou for your time
    January 2014
ManonMamyNova profile picture ManonMamyNova   
HEllo guys !
I search many people around the world for improve my english and get acquainted. I'm a french girl and I am very curious of traditions and culture of others countries. If you want share with me, go MP ! =)
    December 2013
Egor234 profile picture Egor234   
Hello I Russian love very much Australia especially the city of Sydney. I want to leave at first there and then and to live somebody can help me with studying of English language.
    August 2013
filo85 profile picture filo85   
Hello I'm italian, I love Sydney and the Australia, maybe one day i will visit. I would like to improve my english and teach italian. If you are interested, contact me.
    August 2013
freedomforever profile picture freedomforever   
    June 2013
Svendja_ profile picture Svendja_   
Im Chloé from France and i look for new friends from Australia ! So if you want, send me a mail
    April 2013