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Arabic Vocabulary ➡ Food ➡ Breakfast

➡ In today's lesson, you will learn some essential Standard-arabic Vocabulary related to breakfast. As you expand your knowledge of the Arabic language, don't forget to explore other related topics such as Months of the year, Standard-arabic Vocabulary - Countries and Continents, and Entertainment to further enhance your vocabulary and understanding. Enjoy your journey towards mastering the beautiful Standard-arabic language! 📚🌍

Words[edit | edit source]

English Arabic
breakfast إفطار
Food طعام
Preparing breakfast إعداد الإفطار

تحضير الإفطار

Peanut Butter زبدة الفول
cheese جبن
Eggs بيض
Bread خبز
Jam مربى
Honey عسل
Bakery مخبوزات
Milk حليب
Coffee قهوة
banana موز
apple تفاح
omelet عجة البيض  
juice عصير (ج) عصائر
tea شاي

Videos[edit | edit source]

Arabic Listening Practice - Talking About Breakfast in Arabic[edit | edit source]

FOOD IN ARABIC[edit | edit source]

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