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Northern Kurdish Grammar - Give your Opinion

Hi Northern Kurdish learners! 😊
In this lesson, we will focus on how to give your opinion in Northern Kurdish. Giving one's opinion is an important aspect of communication and we will discuss the different ways to express it.

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Basic Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Before we dive into giving opinions, let's review some basic vocabulary:

Northern Kurdish Pronunciation English
نێو nêw Name
بەڵێ belê Yes
نەخێر nexweş No
پیاوەکان piyawekan Opinions/Thoughts
دەستپێکی destpêkî Firstly
به‌شێوەیةکی beshewtekî In my opinion
واقعیتا waqêtya Actually
هاوڕێ hawrê However

In order to give your opinion, you need to have some basic vocabulary at your disposal. Now that we have reviewed the most important words, let's move on to the different ways to give your opinion.

Expressing Your Opinion[edit | edit source]

There are many ways to give your opinion in Northern Kurdish, and some of them may be more appropriate depending on the context, the audience or the level of certainty or conviction of the speaker. Here are some ways to give your opinion:

Using "بەشێوەی" (From my perspective)[edit | edit source]

One way to express an opinion in Northern Kurdish is to use the phrase "بەشێوەی". It is a common way to introduce an opinion in a formal context, such as a debate or a public speech.


  • Person 1: دەربارەی ناوی وەرزشەکان، بەشێوەی من، وەرزشی بەرزیەوەی مێژووی زاراوەیە. (Regarding sports, from my perspective, football is the most popular sport.)
  • Person 2: ئەڤخرایی، بۆ بەشێوەی تۆ، وەرزشی تەندروستیەوە هەڵبژاردەکات. (Actually, according to your point of view, gymnastics promote health.)

Using "بەشێوەیةکی" (In my opinion)[edit | edit source]

Another way to express an opinion in Northern Kurdish is to use the phrase "بەشێوەیةکی". It shows that the speaker is expressing a personal opinion rather than an objective fact and is more informal than using "بەشێوەی".


  • Person 1: هەر کەس دەرمانی بەشێوەیةکی دەزانێت. (Everyone has their own opinions.)
  • Person 2: بەشێوەیةکی من، ئەو کەسانەی بەشدارماندووە تەندروستیشان پارێزراوە. (In my opinion, the participating people took care of their health.)

Using "گۆڕان" (Suggestion)[edit | edit source]

In Northern Kurdish, you can also express your opinion by using the word "گۆڕان", which means suggestion or proposed solution. Using "گۆڕان" implies that the speaker has given some thought to the issue and has come up with a constructive solution or improvement.


  • Person 1: یاریستی یەکەم لەسەر وەرزشی باشتر تێبینی (The first step to a better health is to exercise more)
  • Person 2: گۆڕانی تووشی وەرزشەی ناتوانی کردووە، ستا حەزت گەورەترین بەشارەکان لەگەڵ درووست کردنەوەی بەشارەکە بدۆزنەوە. (As a suggestion, if you can't exercise, try walking up the stairs to improve your health.)

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Let's have a short dialogue to see how giving opinions is used in Northern Kurdish:

  • Person 1: به‌شێوەی من، وەرزشی باشترین بەشارەئەکان کە کار بن، ئەو بەشارەکانی خۆتەن 'دانانەوە' و 'پارە دانان'ە کە سەرتاسرشان وەرزشی گەشتەوە لەسەر هەستەکان. (In my opinion, the best health clinics that work are the ones that emphasize a walking exercise as part of their treatment)
  • Person 2: واقعیتا، وەرزشی گەشتەوە سەرسام و کاربهێنە بۆ دەستکاری هەستەکانە. (Actually, walking exercise is effective and useful for managing hypertension)
  • Person 1: هاوڕێ، هەر کەس دەرمانی بەشێوەیتەوە دەزانێت. (However, everyone has their own opinions)
  • Person 2: ئەرمێ کە نە خێری لە خاوەنی سەرماوەیەکی تیشە ئارەزووی ناگەیشتووە، من بەشێوەی دەگەڕم کە دووای جیاں وەرزشی روویداوە. (If you don't want to catch a cold, my suggestion is to stretch before exercising)

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Giving your opinion adds depth to the conversation and shows that you have a valuable perspective. In this lesson, we have reviewed some of the ways to express your opinion in Northern Kurdish. There are many other expressions, and the best way to learn them is to use them, so don't be afraid to practice with native speakers! To improve your Northern Kurdish Grammar, you can also use the Polyglot Club website. Find native speakers and ask them any questions!

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