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Hi Polyglots!

Transparent words are words that have a similar spelling and the same meaning.

Here is a list of transparent words across many languages.

Feel free to edit this list by adding new words and new languages.

Happy learning! 😊

English French Chinese Spanish Italian Japanese Turkish
Information Information Informacion informazioni
Avocats Avukat
Abat-jour Abajur
Affiche Afiş
Emballages Ambalaj
Ambulance Ambulance Ambulans
Ampoules Ampul
Enquete Anket
Asphalt Asphalte Asfalt
Athlete Athlète Atlet
Bagage Bagaj
Barrage Baraj
Beton Beton
Ecran Ekran
DĂŠtergent Deterjan
CanapĂŠ Kanepe
Parfum ParfĂźm
Pantalon Pantolon
Pardon Pardon
Valise Valiz

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