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Language Registers: Formal, Informal, and Neutral

Hi everyone / Dear members,

A language register is the level and style of your writing. It should be appropriate for the situation you are in.

The language register determines the vocabulary, structure, and some grammar in your writing.

The 3 most common language registers in writing are:

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Neutral

Formal Language Register[edit | edit source]

Formal writing is probably the most difficult type of writing. It is impersonal, meaning it is not written for a specific person and is written without emotion.

Some kinds of writing are always written in formal English.

Informal Language Register[edit | edit source]

Informal writing is written in the way we talk to our friends and family. We use informal writing when we are writing to someone we know very well.

Neutral Language Register[edit | edit source]

We use the neutral language register with non-emotional topics and information.

Neutral writing is not necessarily formal or informal. It is not usually positive or negative. A neutral register is used to deliver facts.

Sources[edit | edit source]


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