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Home, sweet home...

Hi everyone! In this lesson we are going to learn some vocabulary related to "Home".


Word Meaning
cozy warm and comfortable
cramped not having enough space
dingy dirty and dark
bright having a lot of light
spaciousness having alot of space
roomy large in size
convenient easy to get
private belonging to one person
shabby to be in a poor condition
landlord owner
tenant person who pays rent
noisy making alot of noise
safe free from danger


Here are some useful expressions using "Home". Feel free to complete the list by editing this wiki page ;)

A man’s home is his castle

  • Meaning: a sentiment that a man should have freedom to do what he wants in his home (originally “An Englishman’s home is his castle”)

Bring home

  • Meaning: make clearly appreciated or understood (usually said of something unpleasant)

Bring home the bacon

  • Meaning: earn a wage, or be successful

Charity begins at home

  • Meaning: a sentiment that one should take care of family and friends before offering aid to others

Chickens will/have come home to roost

  • Meaning: said as an admonition that actions have consequences

Come home to roost

  • Meaning: return to cause trouble, in an analogy to chickens returning to their coop at the end of the day

Go home and get (one’s) beauty sleep

  • Meaning: said jocularly of or by one who must depart early, facetiously because of the necessity of getting enough rest to avoid being considered unattractive because of sleep deprivation

Halfway house

  • Meaning: Something that combines the qualities of two different things
  • Example: This band is a halfway house between rock and pop.

A house of cards

  • Meaning: An organization or plan that is weak and can easily be destroyed
  • Example: Their plan turned out to be a house of cards.

As safe as houses

  • Meaning: Be very safe
  • Example: I’ve locked the door. They’re as safe as houses.


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