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In this lesson, we will teach you simple ways to ask and give directions in English.

Asking directions

Approaching a stranger to ask for directions could be intimidating especially if you are not too confident with your English.

You are not sure you will be understood.

Here are some simple questions to ask:

  • How do I get to (place)?
  • Which road should I take to get to (place)?
  • In which direction is the nearest (Gas Station / Shopping Mall etc.)
  • What is the quickest route to (place)?
  • Can you show me which way to go using the map?
  • Can I follow you?
  • Could you please guide me?
  • Excuse me, where is (place)?
  • Can you tell me where is (place)?
  • What direction should I take?
  • Do you know how to get to (place)?
  • I'm looking for (place). Do you know where it is?

Giving directions

These questions require you to give directions to a specific location.

If you're in a large tourist destination like New York, Paris or Madrid, chances are some foreigner will come up to you to ask for help.

You could reply by saying:

  • The easiest way is to…
  • The best way is to…
  • The quickest way is to…

You can use Go, plus the direction.

For example:

  • Go right
  • Go left
  • Go straight
  • Go through
  • Go around
  • Go up
  • Go straight then turn right
  • Go through the first set of traffic lights then turn left
  • Continue along this road then turn right



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