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  • The One Moment That Pops Up In Every Pixar Movie

    • I enjoy reading some things about everything and nothing once in a while.
    • So, I decided to write the small reviews of the articles I read in English.
    • Plus, I added a little bit retelling to practice new words and not let them be in my passive vocabulary.
    • VOCABULARY: Once in a while, crop up, stumble across, in one’s quest of, after a while, dawn on, think back (on), adhere to.
    • A couple of days ago, I read the article about one specific moment that has been cropped up in almost every Pixar movie.
    • In short, imagine that you are fighting for something which is considered to be precious to other people around you.
    • And you start thinking the same is true for you.
    • But then you realize that is not exactly what you really want.
    • When Up came out in 2009, we stumbled across this twist for the first time.
    • During the movie Carl is in his quest of the way to make his died wife’s dream come true.
    • After a while it dawn on him that she was content with their way of living and didn’t want anything more.
    • Since then, Pixar has adhered to this kind of twist in a vastly amount of its works, which is a good idea.
  • Many adults remember only these moments, thinking back on Pixar movies. P.S.
    • I will be grateful if you give some comments, grammar corrections, synonyms for the words I used, etc. Also i didn’t want to strick to a formal style, the pieces of the text will more likely be used in my speaking practice. Thanks a lot!