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    • A serial’s review

    • Frankly speaking, before ”1001 Nights”, I used to think that the serials were the biggest evil created by the devil to waste our time and energy.
    • It’s set in 21st century Istanbul where very rich and poor people every day face different problems of life and death.
    • The plot was inspired by the fairy tale of ”One Thousand and One Nights”, better known as ”Arabian Nights”.
    • Despite its fabulous name ”1001 Nights” is a modern soap opera with a very heartwarming plot and brilliantcast.
    • Halit Ergenç plays the part of Onur Aksal, a head of a construction company.
    • He is harsh and pedantic, as well as disappointed in women like Shahryar was.
  • Bergüzar Korel stars as Sehrazat, the main female character.
    • By the way, she was recognized as the most beautiful woman in Turkey by some authoritative magazines several years ago.
    • Sehrazat is a talented architect and at the same time a widow with a little son who is suffering from leukemia.
    • Sehrazat is in desperate need of money to pay for her son’s treatment, but she has got nothing more to sell, and nobody to lend her.
    • After many refuses she is stuck with her boss, Onur, who was secretly in love with her.
    • Willing to check how dirty his beloved employee is, Onur agreed to give her the money she needs on the condition that she spends a night with him.
    • As you may guess the plot is focused on how the boss wooed Sehrazat’s love.
    • But it won’t be easy because she only hates and despises him after that blackest night of her life.
    • In real life Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel are spouses.
    • As for me they are such a nice couple.
    • ”1001 Nights” is full of picturesque landscapes like filming Istanbul from a helicopter, as well as views of Bosphorus, sea, mountains, and ordinary streets of rich and poor neighborhoods, together with beautiful interiors.
    • It was very interesting to discover modern Turkey well known for its all inclusive resorts.
    • Turkish musician Kıraç has prepared the magnificent soundtracks of ”1001 Nights”.
    • In the end I want to underline that serials are absolute evil but I’m going to watch ”1001 Nights” reruns one day.