Text from Francisco_Madrid - English

    • Tuesday, 30(th) June 2020

  • Yesterday, I had a visit with Adrien.
    • Adrien is a mate at the California University.
    • But 5 years ago, we were friends at the high school.
    • He has always liked biology and me too.
    • We standed out the biology subject because we like to experiment new and good things.
  • It was our target.
    • I remember it yet, that day everybody went to laboratory and saw for the first time a microscope.
    • The teacher gave us a small thing for us.
    • I chose a slide of bread.
    • I observed how it was the sample of microscope platen.
    • I was fascinated with that.
    • In that moment, when I were at the University, I would like to study biology or some similar.
    • While he came to my home, I was preparing everything for letting ready.
    • I put, in the table, two napkins around of it.
    • Likewise, I had prepared the food.
    • The food was, starting for the starter: lentils with chorizo.
    • The main course, after the starter, consisted on fresh cod with potatoes.
    • The dessert had end up in lemon ice cream.
    • I waited he arrived my home.
    • My mobile phone ringed. Who could be? Man!... It’s Adrien.
    • His long conversation I did that I disappointed swiftly.
    • He told me that, unfortunately, he couldn’t go my home.
    • But, at the end, I advised to purpose another day.
    • When I hanged up, I thought to call my girlfriend, just in case.