Autumn Leaves at Yoro Park ~紅葉狩り~

  • Date: Nov 22, 2020
  • Time: 09:00
  • Address: Address visible for attendees


Autumn is here, and with it comes perhaps the most beautiful natural scenery in Japan.

Yes, it's Koyo! The leaves change from green to bright reds and yellows before the bitter and cruel winter arrives in a few short weeks.

Koyo is unmissable and we go every year, so we thought this time we'd go with the Small World gang! If this is your first time seeing the Autumn leaves, come with us!

We've decided to go to Yoro Park because we went a few years ago and it was beautiful, and there's also a cool waterfall at the end 😀

We'll meet in Nagoya Station Gold Clock at 09:00 on Sunday November 22 and we'll all go together! It's also fine if you'd like to meet us in Yoro a little later.
We'll eat a bento picnic in the park under the trees for lunch, so don't forget to bring your lunchbox!


9:00-9:15 Meeting at Nagoya Station (Golden Clock)
*We can’t wait if you're late :( But you can also meet us at Yoro Station :)
9:31 Train to Ogaki (train ticket ¥770)
10:28 Train to Yoro (train ticket ¥420)
10:50 Arrive at Yoro Station and walk to the park

Of course, this event is completely free, and costs only as much as you need to get to Yoro Station and get some lunch. Everyone is free to join us 😁

We look forward to seeing you for Autumn Leaves at Yoro Park!

**In the case of rain, we will be cancelling the event**



今年Small Worldと紅葉を見に行こう!



9:00-9:15 名古屋駅で集合 (金時計の前)
*遅刻した人を待つことが出来ませんが :( 公園で会うこともオッケー!
9:31 大垣駅への電車 (¥770)
10:28 養老駅への電車 (¥420)
10:50 養老駅に到着, 養老公園に向かう






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