Speakeasy Multilingual Happy Hour

New to town and want to meet locals and get an insider experience of Florence? Are you learning Italian and want to practice with deeper than everyday conversation?
Or are you a local who likes Florence's international diversity, gets bored hanging out with just Florentines and wants to get a chance to practice your English (or other languages)?

Our weekly Speakeasy Happy Hours are a chance for us to get out of our usual bubbles and meet all kinds of people.

Forty to eighty people come every week from a dozen countries. English and Italian dominate but smatterings of many other languages can be heard. French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, and even Persian, Chinese, and Arabic, here and there.

Entry is free but an annual ARCI card for €12 is required for everyone (valid until next October, including for other ARCI associations). You can buy it at the door.

L'Appartamento has a wide selection of drinks and a dinner plate for the evening.

Scambio linguistico multilingue, un'opportunità per chiunque voglia praticare l'inglese, l'italiano o un'altra lingua e conoscere nuove persone facendo due chiacchiere.