Annual Iftar in Msalah Garden By SWAP*

إفطار المحبة و السلام في رمضان إذا كنت على خلاف مع أحد يمكنك دعوته والصلح معه و أيضا ندعو كل من إختلفنا معهم للمحبة والسلام
الإفطار السنوي للمشروع هايكون بالنظام التشاركي كل واحد يشارك بأكل او مشروبات طبيعية أو حلوى و طبعاً أساسي على الأقل 1 لتر مياه او اكثر مع كل مشارك .
هانعمل جلسة سمر للتعارف بعد الإفطار .
هام :
في وقت للي حابب لصلاة المغرب و العشاء داخل الحديقة .
ممكن نلعب يوجا أو نعمل تأمل .
ممكن نروح مكان نكمل الحدث .
- هايكون في تمارين للإسترخاء والتأمل

رمضان كريم

و ياريت رسائل نصية او واتس اب او ارسال بريد الكتروني لتأكيد الحضور :[masked]
- Email : [masked]

فضلاً من أجل أمانك الشخصي لا تشارك أي معلومات للاتصال مع أي أشخاص تراهم للمرة الأولى و في حالة طلب اي شخص لمعلومات الاتصال يرجى لتواصل مع المنظمين فوراً .
- For your personal safety, do not share any contact information with anyone you see for the first time. If anyone asks for contact information, please contact with organizers immediately.

Annual Iftar for our community with a two parts of community:
Vegans and vegetarian: Bring your food with your way and explain your life style for all .

** Non -Vegans and vegetarian: bring your food with your way .
All people are welcome from any country .
- We have time for pray Maghrib and Ishaa for Muslims and for anther people you can do activities till we finish .
- we will do yoga and meditation after 2 or 3 hours after Iftar .

I announced for this event in many places and websites so the number of participants Egyptians and Foreigners More than you see.

I will meet you all inside the beautiful .
If you want to reach us inside the garden we will start our day at 6:30 p.m,

- Easily this day will for all members and friends from all countries around the world don't hesitate to invite all your friends Egyptians or non- Egyptians .
- Bring a food from your country or soft drinks as well .
- Bring soft drinks and healthy food (Sharing System) .
- Come in comfortable shoes and clothes and bring your yoga mat
- You can bring any mat or rug if you don't have a yoga mat or any mat like prayer mat .
- Invite all your friends .
- This event is Totally free .
- you can tell us about your experience in energy .
- Tell us If you have any problems in your body before exercises
-Follow the instructions and guidance in yoga exercise for maximum benefit.
- Acceptable suggestions and assistance is required.
-If you have a problem with any thing don't talk with anyone other than the organizer.
-Vinyasa Yoga Is a Fitness yoga and stretching Exercises .
- Compliance with the general rules of behavior.
Hope to see you all
it's Safe totally.
Feel free to participate with a suggestions and recommendations.

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Please send a message or email to confirm your participation in our Iftar :
Email : [masked]

Mahmoud Hamouda
Whats App. No. :[masked]

Ramadan Kareem