World Travelers' Party | 世界旅行家聚会


If you like to travel, share and make new friends, then welcome to our World Travelers' Party.

About Event
This is a party for friends who love traveling and enjoy traveling. Let all travel lovers get together to share their stories, experiences, food, plans, etc., talk about the changes they have made as a result of travels and talk about their understanding of the world. Perhaps a friend you meet unexpectedly will become a companion to your next journey.

World Travelers' Party

There are many ways to travel, the meaning of travel varies from person to person, and the travel story is very different, as long as you like it.

World Travelers' Party
We will invite people who likes to travel and enjoy the trip to participate.

In the party, everyone can talk about their travel experience, talk about the people met on the road, the stories happened on the road, the food they have eaten; share the way they explore the world, photos and plans in journey. Talk about the changes that you have made because of travels, and talk about your understanding of the world...

Let the travel stories become a bridge connecting you and me, perhaps a friend you meet unexpectedly, will become a companion in your next journey.

Your next destination may be the hometown of others. We will invite travel lovers from different countries.
Traveling is always a topic that can't be stopped.
Are you ready?

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Speaker introduction
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Red Dog
B1-538, SOHO5 Shopping Mall, Sanlitun, Chaoyang

How to find us
The Southernmost Corner of SOHO Lower Ground Floor, left side.

Register and Fee
10¥ (Admission Fee) and Pay for your own orders
Please add Wechat ID: cutepet2015

* If you have been to more than 10 countries, have countless stories to share, welcome Traveler, please contact WechatID: cutepet2015 and send at least 6 photos from different countries, you'll get free admission tickets and 10¥ vouchers for drink. (10 people, early come early get)
* If you can speak more than 4 languages and communicate freely with friends from different countries, welcome Polyglot, please contact WechatID: cutepet2015, introduce yourself in 4 different languages by voice messages, you'll get free admission ticket and 10¥ vouchers for drink. (10 people, early come early get)
* Please sign up in advance, or pay extra ¥30
* The event will be cancelled if the number of participants is less than 1/3 of the expected number

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