Polyglot Berlin Meeting!

POLYGLOT CLUB Meeting in Berlin!  

Meeting EVERY Tuesday, beginning 8 pm, open end


Address: Café Shila

Please check address updates on Facebook, this is more secure

(Polyglot Club Berlin)

Straße des 17. Juni 136


Join us to make the polyglot experience even more exciting, multi-faceted, multi-lingual, -cultural, intellectually inspiring and interesting 

Check here for updates!

Join us for a multilingual evening, interesting people and lots of fun with Polyglot!


Kippie profile picture Kippie   will there be russian speakers next tuesday?
  • ElinaE profile picture ElinaE   There are always Russian speakers there...at least as long as the organizer, me, is there
Marie-Michele profile picture Marie-Michele   Hello, I went to Kant Café tonight but there were no one there from PolyglotClub. The waitress told me that maybe the event changed of location. Is that true?
Marie-Michele profile picture Marie-Michele   Hello, I'll be in Berlin for the first time next week (Tuesday, May 3rd). Will there be a "Polyglotclub" sign or something in the café (just to be sure I am at the right place)? And what is the price for this event? See you soon!
Safeen profile picture Safeen   Any news about tomorrow meeting ??
  • ElinaE profile picture ElinaE   yes, we're meeting! EVERY Tuesday