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In today's lesson, you will learn how to write and pronounce the 7 days of the week in Twi (Akan) language. You'll also learn a cultural tradition (named "Kradin") associated to the days of the week.

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Days of the week in Akan (Twi) / Soul Names (Kradin)[edit | edit source]

The Akan people give names to people based on the day of the week they were born. We call these "day names" Kradin (soul names). Below I list the days of the week in Twi, along with the male and female soul names given to people born each day.

Day of the week in Twi Day of the week in English Female Soul Name Male Soul Name
Ɛdwoada Monday Adwoa Kwadwo
Ɛbenada Tuesday Abena Kwabena
Wukuada Wednesday Akua Kwaku
Yawoada Thursday Yaa Yaw
Efiada Friday Afia Kofi
Memeneda Saturday Ama Kwame
Kwasiada Sunday Akosua Kwasi

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