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Russian culture is very multifaceted, and face of any culture is its language. And it’s very sad that foreigners aren’t interested in Russian, because, in my opinion, our language is one of the most beautiful and richest languages in the world but, undoubtedly, one of the most difficult.

It's not as easy as it seems to get a good grasp on the russian language and speak freely because you should know how words change on cases and genders. By the way, live communication can help you to understand these phenomena.

For learning Russian, also you need to understand some typical russian phrases, which you certainly will not be understandable at first. For example, clear for any Russian man sentence “да нет, наверное” (no, probably) can confound foreigners, and it’s only means that man doesn’t know an answer to your question.

Moreover, as other languages in Russian you can learn some basic phrases, which will help you with communication in our country.

These phrases include such as:

  • “privet" (Hello)
  • “kak dela?” (How are you?)
  • “gde eto nahoditsa?” (Where is it?)
  • “kak proity..?” (How do I get to…?)
  • “skolko vremeni?” (What’s o’clock?)

and some others.

Undoubtedly, you should learn some the names of goods in shops in Russian if you’re going to visit Russia. For example, cheese (sir), milk (moloko), water (voda), sweets (konfeti), chocolate (shokolad). I advise you to look a complete list of your favorite foods in advance. If you are a drinker, you don’t give up from the well-known vodka, but if you are teetotal, you can drink tea (chai), coffee (kofe), kvass and many other drinks.

Well, and, of course, if you think that you’re good at Russian and want to test yourself, welcome to our country. Dispel the myths about what every russian has a tame bear at home, every russian drinks vodka every day (no, no, not everyone drinks and not every day) and plays the balalaika. No! Let’s be honest, the russians aren’t too different from any European or American: we work, study, go to public places (theatre, cinema, parks), read books and so on. And it’s so offensive that foreigners consider us to be some wild creatures not of this world. Perhaps, any man should visit Russia and understand that it’s unique country due to its natural and climatic conditions, country with rich history and culture.

As far as I know, Russian is studied only for job or “for a tick” (if man has already studied five languages, why not study a sixth Russian). I’d very much like people to learn our language with interest and understanding. After all, such famous russian writers as L. Tolstoy, F. Dostoevsky, A. Pushkin, whose books have been translated into many languages, create their great works in these language, and it would be nicer to read the original book, not the translation.

So, ways to learn Russian, and through russian culture, very, very much: it’s and books, and special sites, and pen-friend. It’s good we live in an age of advanced technology, and haven’t obstacles to the study of something new that’s why learn languages and be healthy!

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  • ExRanger: This is a wonderful WIKI "essay" Michael! You are absolutely correct in your estimation of the beauty and power of Russuian culture, civilizatrion, and its important place in world history. Молодец!

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