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Portuguese Vocabulary - Have a Party
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Words related to party in Portuguese[edit | edit source]

English Portuguese
Bachelor party Festa de despedida de solteiro
Bathroom Banheiro
Beer Cerveja
Beverage Bebida
Birthday party Festa de aniversário
Boat party Festa no barco
Boyfriend Namorado
Brazilian Caipirinha Caipirinha
Costume party Festa à fantasia
Decoration Decoração
Drinks Drinks
Entrance Entrada
Exit Saída
Farewell party Festa de despedida
Fashionable party Festa chique
Friends Amigos
Girlfriend Namorada
Guests Convidados
Hangover Ressaca
Happy birthday Feliz aniversário
Happy hour Happy hour
Hen party Festa de despedida de solteira
Invitation Convite
Man Homem
Meet people Conhecer pessoas
Music Música
Nightclub Boate
Open bar Bebida liberada
Party Festa
Snacks Petiscos
Surprise party Festa surpresa
Ticket Ingresso
To dance Dançar
To drink Beber
To flirt Flertar
To hang out Sair
To have fun Se divertir
To hug Abraçar
To kiss Beijar
To turn away Barrar
Wild party Festa de arromba
Woman Mulher

Culture: Parties in Brazil and Porgtugal[edit | edit source]

What is the Rio Carnival in Brazil?[edit | edit source]

The greatest party in the world is certainly the Rio Carnival. It takes place from its launch which takes place on Friday until its closing which takes place on Ash Wednesday. Carnival time is a celebration of joy, peace, and fellowship. To fully experience the Rio Carnival, nothing beats entry to the Sambadrome or access to the most popular shows, which generally require a reservation ticket. Get ready to take part in the most electric festivities that reach their climax during the Parade of Champions at the Sambadrome.

Where are the best places to party in Portugal?[edit | edit source]

The best places to party in Portugal are the clubs and bars of Lisbon, Porto and Albufeira. Lisbon's clubs offer a party atmosphere with live music, DJ sets and cocktail bars. Porto is a bustling city with an excellent selection of bars and clubs, while Albufeira is known for its lively beach parties.

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