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Here is a list of interesting Chinese proverbs and Chinese expressions.

Chinese Pinyin Translation
天下無不散之筵席/天下无不散之筵席 There is no endless banquet under the sun.
各花入各眼 Different flowers look good to different people
以毒攻毒 We fight poison with poison
花開堪折直需折/花开堪折直需折 You have to pick the flower when it is ready to be picked.
歲月不留人/岁月不留人 Age and time are waiting for no one.
虎父虎子 The tiger father breeds a tiger son.
人算不如天算 The projects of man are inferior to those of heaven.
好事多磨 A happy event does not happen without many frictions
盗亦有道 (Even) thieves have "their code of behavior" (Tao)
大丈夫能屈能伸 A tall man can bend and stretch.
不入虎穴,焉得虎子 If you do not enter the tiger cave, how are you going to get her cub?
又要馬兒跑,又要馬兒不吃草/又要马儿跑,又要马儿不吃草 You want a horse run but you also want him not to eat grass.
無風不起浪/无风不起浪 There is no wave without wind.
入鄉隨俗/入乡随俗 Follow the local custom when you go abroad.
物以類聚/物以类聚 Things of the same characteristics come together.
醉翁之意不在酒 The drunkard's desire is not in the wine.
驕兵必敗/骄兵必败 The arrogant army will certainly lose the battle.
一箭雙雕/一箭双雕 Shoot two birds with one arrow.
一刻被蚊咬終日怕蚊叮/一刻被蚊咬终日怕蚊叮 Who gets bitten by a mosquito, worries mosquitoes all day long.
欲速則不逹/欲速则不达 If you are in a hurry you will never succeed.
趁热打鐵/趁热打铁 You have to beat the iron when it's still hot.
狡兔三窟/狡兔三窟 The cunning rabbit has three different entrances for his lair
老婆是別人的靚/老婆是别人的靓 Your neighbor's wife looks nicer to yours.
女人心海底針/女人心海底针 The heart of a woman is like a needle at the bottom of the ocean.
以攻為守/以攻为守 Use the attack as a defense tactic.
英雄所見略同/英雄所见略同 The views of the heroes are roughly identical.
以身作則/以身作则 Be yourself a model.
婚姻是恋愛的墳墓/婚姻是恋爱的坟墓 Marriage is the tomb of romance.
將軍難免陣上亡/将军难免阵上亡 It is not uncommon for a general to die in battle.



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