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(Making questions in Lingala)
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There exist two kinds of questioons in lingala, just like in English. We can build by using the interrogative form of the verb or a question word.

Yes/No Questions

Lingala yes/no-questions do not swap the verb and the subject. We just add a question mark to the affirmative form and raise the voice to indicate the interrogative form

  • Ayebi nga?: Does/she know me?
  • Mike alobaka falanse?: Does Mike speak French?
  • Boza malamu?: Are you all okay?
  • Oza na nzala?: Are you hungry?
  • Okoki kosalisa nga?: Can you help me?
  • Boza bandeko?: Are you siblings?
  • Ayebi nkombo nayo?: Does he/she know your name?
  • Bovandaka esika moko?: Do you live together?
  • Okoya lobi na pokwa?: Will you come tomorrow evening?
  • Basilisi musala?: Have they finished working?

Question words

  • Nini: What/Which
    • Olobi nini?: What do you say?
    • Eza nini?: What is it?
    • Lelo eza mukolo nini?: Which day are we today?
  • Nani: Who/Whom
    • Eza ya nani?: To whom does it belong?
    • Wana nani?: Who is that?
  • Wapi: Where
    • Saki nanga eza wapi?: Where is my bag?
    • Bavandaka wapi?: Where do they live?
    • Owuti wapi?: Where are you coming from?
  • Tango nini/mukolo nini/ngonga nini: When
    • Tango nini makita ekobanda?: When will the meeting begin?
    • Bokoya tango nini?: When will you (all) come?
    • Likambo oyo ekosila mukolo nini?: When will this problem take an end?
  • Boni: How many
    • Oza na bana boni?: How many children do you have?
    • Batu boni baza na kelasi nayo?: How many people are there in your class?
  • Mutuya nini: How much(price)
    • Mutuka oyo eza mutuya nini?: How much is this car?
    • Telefoni naye eza mutuya nini?: How much does her phone cost?
  • Mbala boni: How often
    • Oliaka mbala boni na mukolo?: How often do you eat a day?
  • Pona nini: Why
    • Ozoyekola lingala pona nini?: Why are you learning lingala?
    • Asiliki pona nini?: Why is he/she angry?

NOTE: We can notice that lingala question words are most of the time used at the end of sentences while English ones are always at the beginning.