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Hi every one!

This lesson will teach you some common words to say "thank you" in Persian.

You will find below a list of common expressions:

سپاس یا سپاسگزارم

It is pronounced "sepas" or "sepasgozaram".

It's the most used word for "Thank you" in Persian.

دستتون درد نکنه

It is pronounced "dastetun dard nakone". In English it means letteraly "I wish your hands don't hurt".

You can use it in formal and unformal situations.


It is pronounced "merci".

Of course, most of you know this word because it's a French word orginally.


It is pronounced "mamnoon".

لطف کردید

It is pronounced "lotf kardid".

You can use it when somebody has done a good works for you.

دمت گرم

It is pronounced "damet garm".

Use this expression in unformal converstations, for example with your friends.

In English it means "I hope your breath will be always warm" and it means "I hope you will be always alive".

I hope you liked this lesson.

All the best!


Vincent, Skyangle, Shoir and Aisakiani

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