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HI everybody,

Today, we have an attractive lesson for everyone.

We are going to tell you about yummy things in the world...


You will learn some vocabulary about fruits in Persian language.

English Pronunciation in Persian Writing in Persian
apple sib سیب
banana moaz موز
grape angur انگور
fig anjir انجیر
melon kharboze خربزه
strawberry tut farangi توت فرنگی
watermelon hendevaneh هندوانه
peach holu هلو
tangerine narengi نارنگی
pineapple ananas آناناس
kiwi kivi کیوی
orange porteghal پرتقال
cucumber khiar خیار
cherry gilas گیلاس
apricot zardalu زردآلو
mango anbeh انبه
lemon limu لیمو
pear golabi گلابی
sour cherry albalo آلبالو
coconut nargil نارگیل
pomegranate anar انار

So delicious... isn't it?


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