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English Hungarian
Monday Hétfő
Tuesday Kedd
Wednesday Szerda
Thrusday Csütörtök
Friday Péntek
Saturday Szombat
Sunday Vasárnap

Origin of the names

Hétfő - begining of the week. 'Hét' - means week (and also it means the number 7), 'fő' - means (here) head.

Kedd - derived from the word second: 'Kettedik' (a bit archaic)

Szerda - Slavic influence.

Csütörtök - Slavic influence (4th day)

Péntek - its origin is debated, maybe Slavic or Greek influence

Szombat - refers to the Jewish 'shabbat'

Vasárnap - derived from 'vásár' and 'nap', meaning market-day.