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What is America? Where is America?

I wrote this article to clarify such an important information (Geographically and Historically) and to be fair with all of the americans in the continent.

America and American are two of the most misused words in the english language and even in the world.

Most people born in the United States of America don't even know this or don't want to know this (even all Presidents of the U.S. of America)

This article is about Real Geography and Real History and some of this information might come as a shock to many people.

1- What is America?

For so many years, people have believed that America and The United States (OF America) are the same thing...they are NOT.

America is NOT a country, it is a CONTINENT and there are 36 American Countries in it, going from Greenland and Canada down to Chile and Argentina. Yes, canadians are actually americans.

2- Who is American?

To this day, people still believe that americans are only the people who are born in the United States (OF America).

It might come to a complete surprise that not only citizens from the U.S. are American but all the people across the southern border are also Americans and all the people across the northern border are Americans, including people born in Canada. So, yes, if you are from Canada you are actually American, even though you are referred to, as Canadian !! (I mentioned before that some things might come as a shock to you).

People think that Americans are white, have blue or green eyes and golden hair. Well, actually we americans are descendants from European people (that is also a shocking news for some people).

The real Americans had/have dark skin, brown eyes and dark hair. (Some Real Native Americans were Apaches, Navajos, Mayans, Aztecs, etcetera).

There are more than 1,000 million Americans in the American Continent from Greenland to Argentina.

Who else is American?:

There are immigrants that are called African-Americans, Asian Americans, etcetera but there are NO Mexican-Americans or Canadian-Americans because they are already Americans. This would be like calling you American-American.

Traveling to America:

If you live OUTSIDE the American Continent, it is correct to say that you will travel to America. But if you only refer to U.S. citizens it can be incorrect to call them American depending on the context.

The "American Flag"

People in the U.S. refer to the U.S. flag as THE "american flag". This is INCORRECT

There are more than 35 american countries so there are more than 35 american flags in THE American Continent, not just 1.

In the U.S. (of America) there are hundreds of thousands of Documents, Books, Magazines, Films, TV shows, Songs, Brands, etc using the word America but it these are huge mistakes.

If you search in english on the internet: Map of The American Continent or America, you will only find a Map of The United States (OF America).

But if you search in another language (like spanish) you will find the Map of THE American Continent.

Let's not forget that Google is a company founded in the United States OF America.

Several States from The United States OF America were a part of Mexico a long time ago, it is why many of the names there, are in spanish and it´s why there are many people from Mexico living there.

Videos(DVDs) to watch about the Real America:

"Latin History for Morons" (2018)

Starring John Leguizamo

"Guide to Black History" (2019) Starring Kevin Hart

Videos to watch on YouTube:


"America is a CONTINENT, NOT a country.  The name of U.S.A. should be Midnorthamerica (or Usania)."

"America - Country or Continent"

"The Countries of the World Song - The Americas"

"The AMERICAN COUNTRIES in English - Flags, map and capitals"

Books to Read:

"A People's History of The United States" by Howard Zinn

"1491" by Charles C. Man

"Las Venas abiertas de America Latina" ("Open Veins of Latin America") by Eduardo Galeano