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Months of the Year in Croatian

➡ In today's lesson you will learn some useful words related to "the Months of the Year" in the Croatian language.

Happy learning!

Croatian months[edit | edit source]

The Croatian months used with the Gregorian calendar by Croats differ from the original Latin month names.

They originate from archaic Slavic words and phrases which poetically depict the changing of the seasons and the different tasks related to those seasons.

English Croatian (siječanj) Croatian meaning
January siječanj from cutting or hewing wood
February veljača month in which days become longer
March ožujak lying month
April travanj from growing grass
May svibanj from budding Cornel tree
June lipanj from linden tree
July srpanj from reaping with a sickle
August kolovoz from driving a wagon (for harvest)
September rujan from an archaic verb for deer roaring
October listopad from falling leaves
November studeni from cold
December prosinac the beginning of the Sun's shining
  • Note: Croatians often refer to months informally by number, e.g. "prvi" (short version of prvi mjesec - first month, i.e. January), "drugi" (second month, February) , "treći" (third month, March).

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