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Yoruba Alphabet, IPA Pronuncation, Video, Virtual Keyboard...

Hello Polyglots,

Yoruba is a language spoken in West Africa, most prominently South western Nigeria.

In today's lesson, you will learn how to write the different letters of the Yoruba alphabet, how to pronounce these letters whether it is through the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), or through a video with the pronunciation of the letters by a native speaker.

You will also find at the end of this lesson a virtual keyboard to be able to type each special character of this language.

Yoruba Alphabet and IPA Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

Yoruba has the following letters and sounds:

Letter A a B b D d E e Ẹ ẹ F f G g Gb gb H h I i J j K k L l M m N n O o Ọ ọ P p R r S s Ṣ ṣ T t U u W w Y y
Name ah bi di hay hen fi gi gbi! in hei! ji ki li mi ni oh or! pi ri si shi ti uh! wi yi
IPA a b d e ɛ f g g͡b h i ɟ k l m n o ɔ k͡p ɾ s ʃ t u w j

Video - Yoruba Alphabet Pronunciation by a Native Speaker[edit | edit source]

Yoruba Online Virtual Keyboard[edit | edit source]


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