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Plural Nouns > Indefinite articles

The indefinite article is a grammatical terminology that refers to the English article “a” before a noun in a singular form and the “s” at the end of a noun without being preceded by any article (kids). In Wolof, for the singular form either the noun is stated without any article (xale = a kid) or in some area mainly rural, a “ab” or “as” is put before the noun (ab xale = a kid). For the plural form, they all take an “ay” before the noun which has also the connotation of the English “some.”

Singular Plural[edit | edit source]

  • (Ab) rato = a rake
  • ay rato = rakes

  • Kaye = a notebook
  • ay kaye = notebooks

  • (Ab) xale = a kid
  • ay xale = kids

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