Uighur Language Uighur Grammar: Nouns and adjectives

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Uyghur nouns are marked for the following categories:

  • There are two numbers: singular and plural.
  • There are six cases: nominativegenitivedativeaccusativelocativeablative. Cases are marked by inflectional suffixes whose forms depend on whether the stem ends in a front vowel, a back vowel, a voiced consonant, or a voiceless consonant.
  • There is no definite article.
  • There is no grammatical gender.
  • Possession is represented by the suffix –m, e.g. aka ‘elder brother’, aka-m ‘my elder brother.’
  • Adjectives have four degrees of comparison:
    • positive
    • comparative
    • weakened, similar to the meaning of –ish in longish
    • superlative which can be expressed in several ways, including reduplication, e.g., uzun-uzun ‘very long’.

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