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Salam Polyglots 😀

The Turkmen language is spoken by the Turkmens in Central Asia and it's the official language of Turkmenistan.

In this lesson, you will find some important survival phrases to know if you are planning a trip there.

If you are from Turkmenistan and you can provide recordings, you can help improve this lesson.

Follow the steps here:

Basic Phrases in Turkmen[edit | edit source]

English Turkmen Audio
Hello Salam
Do you speak English? Siz iňlisçe gepleýärsiňizmi?
Do you speak Turkmen? Türkmençe bilýärmiň?
Excuse me Bagyşlaň
Good morning ertiriňiz haýyrly bolsun
Good afternoon gündiziňiz haýyrly bolsun
Good bye hoş
Good evening agşamyňyz haýyrly bolsun
Good night Gijäňiz rahat bolsun
How nähili
How are you? nähilisiň?
How are you? Nähilisiň?
How much is this? Näçeden?
I am 25 years old men 25 yaşymda.
I am a student. men talyp.
I am fine and you? gowy, özüň nähili?
I am fine too. menem gowy.
I am from turkmenistan men Türkmenistandan
I am learning _____ men_____ öwrenýärin
I am learning turkmen men türkmençe öwrenýärin.
I'm from ____ Men ____dan
My name is ... Meniň adym ...
My name is __ and yours? Meniň adym ___ seňki?
My name is ___. Meniň adym ___.
Nice to meet you! tanşanymyza şat!
No Ýok
No, I do not speak Turkmen ýok, Türkmençe bilemok
Please say that again Gaýtalaň
Please speak more slowly Haýal aýdyň
Please write it down Şuny ýazyň
Pleased to meet you Tanşanymyza şat
Reply to 'How are you?' Gowy, özüň nähili?
Thank you Sag boluň
Welcome Koş geldiniz
What näme
What is your name? adyň näme?
Where are you from? Sen nireden?
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Hajathana nirede?
Yes, I speak turkmen hawa, Türkmençe bilýän.

Sample videos in Turkmen[edit | edit source]

Turkmen Resources[edit | edit source]



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