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Listed below are the Tagalog words for the days of the week. Linggo can also be used as a noun for "week".

  • Linggo - Sunday
  • Lunes - Monday
  • Martes - Tuesday
  • Miyerkules - Wednesday
  • Huwebes - Thursday
  • Biyernes - Friday
  • Sabado - Saturday

Spanish speakers can find the above words to be familiar, because they are native versions of the Spanish words for the days of the week, i.e. Miércoles = Miyerkules; Jueves = Huwebes. During the colonization of the Philippines under the Spanish Crown, locals adopted the foreign words for everyday use by substituting foreign letters like 'J' and changing the spelling to look more Tagalog.

Practice Phrases[edit | edit source]

  • Ngayon ay Martes - Today is Tuesday
  • Ngayon ay Huwebes - Today is Thursday
  • Bukas ay Biyernes - Tomorrow is Friday
  • Bukas ay Sabado - Tomorrow is Saturday
  • Kahapon ay Linggo - Yesterday was Sunday
  • Kahapon ay Miyerkules - Yesterday was Wednesday

Notice that 'ay' can be used both for the present and past tense in the Filipino language.

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