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Months of the year in Swedish
Months of the year in Swedish

Hello everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn some useful vocabulary about ¨MONTHS OF THE YEAR¨ in Swedish

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Happy learning ! :)

As you come to the end of this lesson, consider these associated areas for further study: Feelings and Emotions, Swedish Vocabulary → Body parts and health → Symptoms and ..., Parts of the Body & How to talk about a person's appearance or personality.

Months of the year in Swedish[edit | edit source]





January  Januari yah nou oh rih janeiro
February  Februari feh brou oh rih fevereiro
March  Mars mahrs março
April  April ah prihl abril
May  Maj my maio
June  Juni you nih junho
July  Juli you lih julho
August  Augusti ow goos tih agosto
September  September sehp tehm behr setembro
October  Oktober ohk toh behr outubro
November  November noh vehm behr novembro
December  December deh sehm behr dezembro
Month Månad
Year År

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