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Family in Swedish
Family in Swedish


Hello everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn some useful vocabulary about ¨FAMILY¨ in Swedish

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Family in Swedish[edit | edit source]





mother Mor moh mãe
father Far fah pai
mom Mamma mah mah mamãe
dad Pappa pah pah papai
son Son sohn filho
daughter Dotter doht tehr filha
child Barn bahrn criança
sister Syster sews tehr irmã
brother Bror broo irmão
sibling Syskon sews kohn irmão
pet Husdjur hihs yoor amimal de estimação
aunt (maternal) Moster (maternal) mohs tehr tia materno
aunt (paternal) Faster (paternal) fahs tehr tia paterno
uncle (maternal) Morbror (maternal) moh broh tio materno
uncle (paternal) Farbror (paternal) fah broh tio paterno
cousin Kusin kew sehn primo
grandmother (maternal) Mormor (maternal) mohr mohr avó materna
grandfather (maternal) Morfar (maternal) mohr fahr avô materno
grandmother (paternal) Farmor (paternal) fahr mohr avó paterno
grandfather (paternal) Farfar (paternal) fahr mohr avô paterno

Here the Swedish vocabulary about family and relatives:

Familj (Family)[edit | edit source]

  • Mor = mother
  • Far = father
  • Mamma = mom
  • Pappa = dad
  • Son = son
  • Dotter = daughter
  • Barn = child
  • Syster = sister
  • Bror = brother
  • Syskon = sibling
  • Husdjur = pet

Släkt (relatives)[edit | edit source]

  • Moster = aunt (maternal)
  • Faster = aunt (paternal)
  • Morbror = uncle (maternal)
  • Farbror= uncle (paternal)
  • Kusin = cousin
  • Mormor = grandmother (maternal)
  • Morfar = grandfather (maternal)
  • Farmor = grandmother (paternal)
  • Farfar = grandfather (paternal)

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