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At home in Swedish
At home in Swedish


Hello everybody,

Welcome to today's lesson where you will learn some useful Swedish vocabulary related to ¨AT HOME¨. As a Swedish language teacher with 20 years of experience, I am excited to share these words and expressions with you. Feel free to edit this page by adding new words and expressions to enhance your learning experience! 😊

After mastering the vocabulary in this lesson, you might also be interested in exploring other related topics, such as Swedish Greetings, Commonly Confused Swedish Words, and Swedish Computer Terminology.

Good learning and enjoy your journey in discovering the Swedish language! 🇸🇪

At home in Swedish[edit | edit source]





Bedroom Sovrum soh broom Quarto
Bathroom Badrum boh droom Banheiro
Kitchen Kök sheh ahk Cozinha
Living room Vardagsrum voh dahs room Sala de estar
Dining room Matsal moh tsehl Sala de jantar
Laundry room Tvättstuga tvehts tou gah Lavandaria
Basement Källare sheh leh reh Porão
Attic Vind veent Sótão
Garden Trädgård trehD goh Jardim

Bedroom = Sovrum

Bathroom = Badrum

Kitchen = Kök

Livingroom = Vardagsrum

Dining room = Matsal

Laundry room = Tvättstuga

Basement = Källare

Attic = Vind


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