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Negation in Swedish

Hej everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn some useful vocabulary ahow to use the ¨NEGATION¨ in Swedish

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Negation in Swedish[edit | edit source]


To make a Swedish sentence negative we use the word "inte".

We put it in different positions in a sentence depending on if it is a main clause or a subordinate clause.


MAIN CLAUSE[edit | edit source]

"Jag gillar inte glass, eftersom jag är allergisk mot mjölk." <-- "inte" is placed after the verb

(I do not like ice cream, because I am allergic to milk.)


SUBORDINATE CLAUSE[edit | edit source]

"Eftersom jag inte gillar glass, äter jag frukt istället." <-- "inte" is placed before the verb

(Because I do not like ice cream, I eat fruit instead.)

Authors[edit | edit source]



Vincent, Brainwashme and Mastavaya

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